It’s logical but not obvious. To shape the workplace isn’t simple. And when the form must be also content, the result is only Logic.
With Logic, the workplace has an extremely well-organized soul, a real customized settlement, where all the elements are intended to support and improve the daily performance.
Tops aren’t supported, but just hanged over vertical elements, metallic frames and containers, aimed to sustain and to contain. 

Executive collection where the worktop integrates with the structural base which also has a storage function. The only finishing features are the tops and doors of the drawer unit. A functional workstation embellished by wall panelling with shelves and optional LED lighting.

• Tops in various finishes and one-colour frame
• 45° between tops and sides
• One-colour frame with drawers or supporting service unit
• Wired beam under the top
• Wood-pattern melamine finishes
• plain-colour FENIX ® laminate, scratch and fingerprint resistant
• reconstituted wood veneer finishes
• Two-height storage units with sliding or hinged doors or drawers
• Storage doors in framed back-lacquered glass
• Wall cabinets with hinged doors
• Wall panelling with shelves and LED lighting as an option